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Hi to all,

Itís taken me the weekend to absorb and even SEE the big picture of my appointment and the advice given/not given last week.

The tests with asteriks are the ones Iíve agreed to. I called office to clarify which of the Lyme tests I received and they are listed (paperwork read Ďlyme titer and western blotí).

She did NOT order co-infection testing. IF, my tests come back pos. for LD, and I havenít been tested for co-infections, itís my understanding that some of them are best treated PRIOR to treating lymes.

I am considering calling the office back, requesting to come in and have blood drawn for Co-infections as well as the others she had recommended, at least the next three on the list.

What do you veterans out there recommend?


*Thyroid Grp (T-3, T-4, FTI)



*Western Blot IgM

*Western Blot IgG

CBC & Diff.

Sed. Rate

CMP (The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel )
ANA (rheumatoid arthritis/ms)

RF (rheumatoid arthritis/ms)

MHA - TP (syphilis) ANY input as to why this is on list? I realize that both diseases are from spirochete bacteria but has anyone heard of routine testing? I am not at risk for this disease. I do see on internet that she is interested in this area of research...

I have a follow-up appt. on the 21st so if I'm going to get more blood drawn I need to do it quick. Doc is going out of town and they were trying to schedule me for mid January... I pushed for the 21st. I think she leaves town the 22nd....
Advice??? And specifically to: Should I begin treatment for lyme if I haven't been tested for co-infections? I have a whole other 'chapter book' to write on my rash, her comments, and what I've found since appt. with my own research... though it was biopsied twice, two different labs, neither looking for em, and neither diagnosing it, i've since found that the pathology they found is CONSISTENT with em.

another story... but doc discounted my rash... real dear.

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