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Hello All -

Well I started my second month of treatment on Saturday. I took 500 mg of Zithromax and 2 TBS. of Mepron for a month for the Babesiosis. What a relief. I am no longer experiencing the heart palpitations, pronounced chest pain, and extreme dizziness.

I started taking 200 mg of Minocin with 750 mg of Zithromax a day as of this past Saturday evening. Yesterday I was in a fog and feeling pretty crummy. I had some nausea despite eating a good meal with the Minocin. No dairy within 2 hours - I have been good about this. I guess we are going after the Ehrlichiosis at this point. I will do this for 3 weeks then I take a vacation from this for a week and switch to Flagyl for the fourth week. Next month, I will be taking Septra and I forget at the moment what I will be taking with this.

I am awaiting the 5th day which seems to be the day for me when "re-entry" occurs as I call it. I always envision being an astronaut in the Space Shuttle when herxing. The first time I took doxy it was the fifth day for me that was unbelieveably rough.

I was extremely emotional last night and started feeling very aggitated so I have a feeling the fun is right around the corner. It took me awhile to get to sleep last night. It is weird...I fell asleep on the couch but when my husband woke me up and we went to bed I just couldn't get back to sleep for awhile. This happens a lot.

This weekend my husband was not feeling well at all. White as a sheet, severe neck pain, lower back pain, felt like he was burning up but when I took his temp. it was 97.3, gurgly stomach, sinus infection, cold sore, - it all translates to me as lyme. He had dizziness and chest pain the week before - Babesiosis. So needless to say I am upset. We will be going in next week for a consult - lucky for him if it is lyme I have paved the way through the red tape for him. He was bitten 6 times this past Spring and Summer while mountain biking.

My dog is still sick. I found an article that relates the condition she is dealing with Babesiosis. She tested negative on all of her tick borne tests but she has had the lyme vaccine and boosters. She is also on a lot of meds including cephalexin so I am wondering if this could have affected the blood tests.

Anyway, I am trying to hang in there. I was filled with anger last week at the establishment and fact that so many are sick with this. I got to meet the man that I had made contact with through an aquaintence. We had an appointment at the same time with Dr. J's clinic so I went out to lunch with his family. He has been sick for over a year and has lost 50 lbs. After seeing a rhematologist, 2 neurologists, ENT, at least one gp, a gastroenterologist, the list goes on forever he saw Dr. Js and tested positive for lyme. He started with a PICC line last week. After meeting him and seeing how sick he is I was just disgusted with the medical can these doctors sleep at night when a person that was once young and vibrant is now wasting away...I don't get it!?!?

This has all been such an eye opener.

I am taking one day at a time at this point.

I hope you all are having good days.


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