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Hi CM -

Yes, short term memory loss and concentration problems can be signs of lyme and tick borne coinfections.

You really should try to go through a tick borne illness specialty lab like IgeneX in CA or Bowen. I went through IgeneX and was very happy with their reports.

You need to have:

Western Blot for Lyme (IgM & IgG antibodies)
Babesia - Whole Blood Test and FISH test - I tested negative for whole blood but very positive for FISH (I think this is IgeneX patented) - they actually stain the blood with dye and if it turns flourescent green it is positive.
Ehrlichia - HGE and HME antibodies

I will tell you that my doctor only tested me for lyme, ehrlichia and babesia. They kind of assume that I could have Bartonella and Mycoplasm and because their treatments will kill these they did not test me for them. That is their philosophy - other doctors might be different.

You can get a tick bite even in the suburbs. They are everywhere.

Good luck. Keep me posted ;)

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