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Thanks for the replies.
I believe it was the Elisa test that I had done. It says EIA on the lab sheet. I'm from the Pennsylvania area. Do most people that have Lyme Disease experience aches, pains, fever, etc.? Cause I don't experience those things. My worst symptom is constant exhaustion, all the time. Plus, my concentration and short-term memory have gotten even worse in the last month and a half(around the same time I started tapering off of my thyroid medication). My doctor has me tapering off of the thyroid medication slowly cause it didn't help my symptoms, even though it did suppress my TSH level. I don't have a life at all anymore.

Do you think insurance might cover some of those other Lyme Disease tests? If not, could you give me an estimate of how expensive those tests might be? Thanks.

Did you get the coinfections from the same tick?

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