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I was on Ceflin for 6 weeks and initially felt much worse. Than felt a little better but around the 3 week period I started feeling much much worse and stayed that wait for 3 weeks. He told me to go off the antibiotics which I have done because i should have been feeling better by then. I've gone off the antibiotics and feel just dreadful with no plan on what to do now.

I have been sick on an off for 25 years, but it was manageable (would get sick every 4-8 weeks for about 1 week) until I had 1 year of chemotherapy and steroids because i was allergic to the chemo. During the last month of chemo i became very very ill, (not chemo kind of ill) but a very extreme intensification of the symptoms i had throughout the 25 years. Extreme fatigue, upper abdominal pain (around my ribs), skin and joint pain, headaches, terrible taste in my mouth, memory loss, an overall feeling of being extremely toxic. This has been going on for a year now. I feel very hopeless and unsure where to turn or what path to take. I'm 48 and feel that getting cancer was related to how stressed my immune system has been over the last 25 years. But cancer actually pales compared to being this sick and unable to have any kind of life.

I tested positive for Bartonella, but am unsure now whether or not my symptoms are from a tick born illness. Uncertain where to turn. Feel very hopeless.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether 6 weeks on antiobiotics should have made me better? Don't know if I should continue to pursue this diagonsis. No one has been able to find anything else wrong with my blood work or i know it's not related to cancer.

Also does anyone know whether chemo and steroids could have made my existing illness much much worse.

Feel like giving up


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