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Huda Clark writes a lot about this and thinks it is a major problem in lots of illnesses. Haven't heard of Lyme being agrivated by them tho. No surprize there, when do we ever here of Lyme as the forefront? I can say from personal experience that I had a back tooth, root canaled a long time ago, that I told the dentist I thought was causing me problems. Thought b/c it was not right at the tooth, but I knew it was the culprit. Thing was, doc kept saying it cannot be b/c it was root canaled and xrayed and nothing. I developed numbness in the side of my face at times, bad aches, sickness, fevers, fatigue, and finally a cyst in my mouth that I thought was cancer! I insisted the oral surgeon take out the tooth, that I knew there was an infection. He did and to his surprize, he got the crown off when I was asleep and it exploded. Said it was badly infected and I went on ABX for a week. I hate dental work too, bigtime. Paid out of pocket to be sedated. BUT- all of those symptoms are gone, including the cyst near that tooth. Hope this helped a bit. --L

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