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location Mason/Dixon Line Pa.

2002 Ask Dr to test for Lyme - He forgot
Aug 2004 - Ask Dr to test for Lyme
Western Blot, positive
Elisa, positive

1. Brain Fog
2. Ringing in ears
3. Neck Pain
4. Migrane
5. Sore Throat
6. Pain in Knee joints
7. Irritated by small frustrations to the point of explosiveness
8 Dizzy

First 2 months Doxycycline 400 MG
Then IV :

I am Just starting tocurrently researchg Chinese Medicine that are non-toxic to replace all of the above. They are also much Cheaper $$$$ ! I will be posting my results later .
Location: Phoenix, Arizona (in the middle of the desert...)
Age: 23

Onset of symptoms: 1996
Tick bite: unknown.

1. Fatigue (diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus in 1998 after two bouts of mono)
2. Brain Fog
3. Memory loss
4. Dizziness
5. Hair loss
6. Hand Tremors
7. Joint pain in my hands (only for one year)
8. Vision getting worse
9. Depression
10. Low body temperature
11. List goes on

-IGG and IGM both positive from IgeneX
-urine test from IgeneX negative....

Diagnosed with "chronic lyme" in june 2004.

-Bicillin 2x per week for 2 months....showed no response good or bad

-unresponsive to Vitamin C IV treatment

-I will be starting 1000 mg Zithromax daily and I am waiting to hear back from insurance about Rocephen.

-I will be starting a homeopathic regimine for lyme created by a European doctor when i quit being lazy.

Current status: Waiting to get the ball rolling w/ my abx's. I want soooo bad to herx so that I know it is working :/ I am scared I will be unresponsive to the abxs. Also, nervous about the costs, b/c I have already paid thousands and insurance hasn't covered any of it yet.
From Monroe CT

Was sick for 2 1/2 years. Was bitten by tick, had circular rash - dr told me that if i had flu like symptoms to call her, otherwise, don't worry about it (great huh?)

In the 2 1/2 years following diagnosis made:

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogren's Syndrome

Lyme Disease Diagnosed by Steven Bock, Rhinebeck Health Center (he does both traditional and homeopathy) in 11/04.
- traditional test negative
- tested positive for Babesea
- tested positive in urine test - showed antigens (?) (he told me that this was a positive)

11/04 - 1/04

12/04 - current
Rocephin IV

No significant changes - do get terrible 'hicks' reactions every 4 weeks


severe nerve and muscle pain
joint pain
bone pain
stomach problems (get stabbing pain)
memory problems
brain fog
neck ache
severe fatigue
blurred vision
ringing in ears
weight gain
cannot sleep
elevated cholesterol & triglycerides (didn't used to have)
elevated blood pressure
sweats (during day - very rare at night) - drenching sweats
eyes extrememly dry - feels like there's fires in them

That's about it. Am losing hope :(

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