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Southington, CT

Onset of symptoms: 1977

Rash on face
joint pain started in the back and neck, now everywhere
sore throat
swollen glands
extreme fatigue
low body temp
low blood pressure
hashimotos hypothyroid
heart palpitations
hair loss
vision problems, large optic nerve, floaters
light and sound sensitivity
ear pain, fluid in middle ear
adrenal disfunction
major weight loss

Western Blot, positive
Elisa, positive
Bowen, highest possible reading
heavy metals, excess lead content
+years of other tests that were useless and too many to name

Treated as of May 2004 (Finally!) Started on Biaxin, then doxycycline 600 mg plus 500 mg zithromax w/plaquenil. Switched to flagyl recently, expect to go back to doxy/zithro/plaquenil in a month or two.

Vitamins and other:
cats claw
multi vitamin
Vitamin C

Diet of fresh vegetables, lean meats, whole grain carbohydrates, lots of water and pure foods. Absolutely no sugar, no alcohol and no caffiene.

Very, very bad herx for first week. Wanted to not be here anymore, could not move my body, total junk body and brain. Herx's getting better, but anything was better than that.

Current status: I'm fighting like a madwoman, I will not give up. I believe I am progressing, but very slowly and that's okay as long as I'm moving in a forward direction. Faith and prayer are mighty weapons.


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