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My name is Babs- symptoms began in 1997- blurred vision - no one could figure out what it was (6 of the best specialists) Went on antibiotics for almost a year because they didn't know what else to do w/ me ............

1998- got pregnant w/ my daughter! Great pregnancy!

2001-started having horrible body aches on and off but I thought it was because I was now in my 30's and just had a baby (1st and only one)

Kept on getting sinus infections .......... Went on sugar busters diet to lose the last 10lbs and dropped 28 in 2 months (looked like a skeleton) Neuro problems , severe anxiety, horrific pain all over! Felt like I was 80 !

Went into MRI- they discovered I had a lesion in my CNS - DXD w/ Probable MS.

Devastated and in denial - never took the meds for it ! Thank God!

Went to a seminar for my Mom's friend and was not at all interested in going to a seminar for anything that had to do w/ health problems - I couldn't even handle my own!

Listened to the testamonies and was SHOCKED! They were my stories !

Got tested by Igenex and met CDC's criteria ...........Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

The ironic thing was my mom asked the neurologist to test me for Lyme and he said I wish it was that easy but tested me anyway in 2001. I got my records 2 years later and found that I was 1 band away from meeting their criteria then - if you test positive for one band - you have it!

P.S. The neurologist was more shocked at the arthritis he found than the lesion. He asked if I was in a horrfic accident . I said no . I have 3 slipped discs, 1 bulging disc , stenosis in the neck and no signals in the lower spine..............He asked me how was I walking ????????????????I guess GOD! God bless each and everyone of you my friends! Thank you for this life line!

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