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Brennd8, Hi, and sorry it took a while to get back to you. What has helped Mark, and me too!!---Passion Flower, available at health food stores. Valerian, chamomile as well in tea form is great. Relaxation and deep breathing are great with Lavendar essential oil diffused in the room. Sonds hokie, but really works. Benadyl at bedtime helps the insomnia. Getting exercise thru out the day if you can do it. Detox solutions such as detoxifying foods and supplements--search--there's a ton out there. Also the hydrogen peroxide/epsom salt bath is a great one. Lemon/olive oil drink is a great detox--a whole lemon, peel and all with some oliveoil and sweetener if you cannot deal along with a little water. All in a blender and strain out seeds. Tastes horrible, but some swear by it. Drink 1/2 cup twice a day during a herx especially. Bath is 1 lg bottle hydrogen peroxide and 1C epsom salts. It will not bleach your hair, so get all of you in for a least 15 minutes. Up to twice a day, especially during herxes. Try yoga and massage b/c it also helps quite a bit if you stick w/ it. I was the biggest sceptic of all, but have been proven wrong by a lot of these homepathic remedies working bigtime. Antidepressants can be dangerous and horribly painful to get off--so be very careful when trying to stop--major panic is the result for most people, myself included. What did the trick for me was "total EFA" in the vitamin shoppe. It is in the fridge and it's fairly gross, it's an oil that is complete w/ all you essential fatty acids which promote gamma--your calming chemical in your brain. I have not had major anxiety since trying to get off the antdepressants, but I imagine it may work for you now b/c the Lyme could be eating up that part and needs replacing. Couldn't hurt, they are great for you. You will notice your skin and hair being affected by excess oil which is nice for us dry guys during the winter. I hope so much this helps. This has got to be the WORST part of this disease and my heart breaks for people with severe anxiety and depression. It's a battle in your head and those are so hard to fight. You will win tho!! Hang in there, ok? ---Merry Christmas and happy new year!! ---Laurie

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