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I don't understand this disease this is all I will say, but I want to talk about things I do know about.

My cousin Carolynís daughter has had a bulls eye rashes from 3-separet ticks they found over the last years, treated short term, has many headaches currently. Not under any treatment! Never tested for other tick born illnesses?

My doctor, his wife, his daughter all have Lyme; lucky for them and me he has first hand knowledge. Sad anyone is sick with this.

One of my best friends sisters kids, three boys -all have been treated twice for Lyme Bulls eye rashes! But all short term with no follow-ups!

Jason my Dads friend bit by tick has a bullís eye from a tick bite!

My friend Al has a friend in bed fighting for her life from Lyme!

My employees, sisters friend many-years misdiagnosed, confirmed! Six weeks of antibiotics, stopped treatment living with headaches!

My sister is dating a man who during the summer was treated short term for Lyme, symptoms have returned! I am waiting to speak to him.

My sister Sandiís best friend did not find the bullís eye, but was diagnosed treated short-term antibiotics!

One of my long best friends father just found tick, pulled it out by hand, found bulls eye the next day, treated short term. And due to me is getting check ups -but I donít know his doctor -very concerned!

My sister Karen has many chronic symptoms; a couple years ago she had a tick removed from the top of her head. I am taken her next week to a LLMD!

My mother not diagnosed but I am sure she had Lyme, she told me at age 18 her life changed. That she become chronically ill with Fatigue and many other autoimmune disease -but none where real. Died at age 50 and couldnít wait to leave Earth. Always said I am sick and tiered of being sick and tiered! (I fully understand)!

I know many more but my mind is slipping due to this illness -we all understand this. But I do know I am shedding tears, for many and myself. What is this Lyme? I have never seen anything in my life more dangerous and what seems so easily battled.

Why do no doctors understand the symptoms, why so many false drugs for a real sickness?

I am really down right now; I think I need help, a reason to stay here. As first stated I am really down right now, depressed. The disease is really nailing me right now, and I feel the pain I feel, I feel how lost I am. How much I want off this Earth to be any place but this hell. Mentally and physically I am really low right now. And I am shedding tears for all I see around me, a stone throws away from being where I am.

I have lots of tears; I can see the broken hearts, the lost children, and the greedy healthy people hiding this? So confusted!

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