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Well Ticker, thanks for the info. I'm from Kansas but I have recently been to Mayo Clinic in Rochester & will be going back in a couple weeks for more testing. When I was there they found I have a mild myopathy so they are going to do a muscle biopsy. I am going to demand to be tested for Lyme Disease. Do you think they would be knowledgable about it?

If I do have Lyme then I've had it for 14 some years because I'm convinced all my symptoms started after the year bout with 3 cases of mono around age 15. After that I started with IBS and fatigue, excessive sleepiness. I was sort of used to it. Had pains here & there but then after the birth of my baby in Feb 04 things got dramatically worse. It was a trauma pregancy as at the start of my 7th month I had to be put on bedrest for high bp. Then I delivered one month early. Now since then I've developed terrible pain in my mid back left side that wraps all the way around my ribs to under my left breast and into my left underarm. Also have migrating pains everyday. Body aches like I have the flu. I have twitching of muscles I guess all over my body. I have tingling/numbness sensations all over my body & it's all getting worse. I'm going back this time to Mayo for real answers.

I feel confused about fibro. What they say is fibro fits all my symptoms and there are many people out there who have these symptoms but I think that the docs are just missing something in all of us. I think it's something more. I want to feel better, don't want to live the rest of my life feeling like this as I'm only 29.

So do you really think it could have been there for 14 years? Back then, I used to get low grade fevers along with terrible diahrrea and fatigue. Now I still have the IBS and fatigue but no low grade fevers. Also what do you think about Mayo being literate about this disease.

Thanks for your information :wave:

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