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Jan 3, 2005
Even though I am sick and dxd w/ Lyme , I can't help feeling huge amounts of guilt. My husband says he is trying to understand but I don't think he has a clue. I look pretty good- I just am always tired , in alot of pain and have had some setbacks. Colon infection being one of them that nearly killed me. Anyway- I just feel like sometimes my husband and daughter would have been better off w/ another wife/mom............I'm not suicidal - I am just tired! My husband says "I go to work and you're sick!" I am sick of being sick . He wants to know when am I going to get better? I understand how hard it must be for him but I just needed some encouragement from you guys. I feel very alone sometimes - and that's certainly not me ...........I have a ton of friends and I'm very outgoing but sometimes I just feel "is this for real?" I know everyone on this board will understand- what do you do when you feel hopeless?????????????How do I explain to my husband that I didn't volunteer for this.........Thanks! It just helps typing this out. :confused:

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