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Got a call from Dr.'s office yesterday that my labs from Igenex came back positive for Lyme but that doctor didn't want to see me until I had CBC and CMP panels. I could do that here in town...
All the labs are to be faxed to me but didn't come thru. I just called and gave them # again.
I asked about co-infection testing. QUESTION: Lab tech said I could get tested for those with any lab, that it wasn't necessary to go thru igenex, etc.
What is YALL'S opinion on testing for coinfections?????? Any lab vs. igenex?
When I get lab results, I'd like to post them for 'Dr. Ticker's' opinion... :)
This doc was so condescending, poo-pooed my symptoms, my rash, etc. Now wants to wait to see although I have an appt. on Wed....
She had requested about 15 tests. I ended up doing all but 2 or 3 of them (the common ones) because she was so pessimestic about me having lyme. I figured, 'why dump all the money'?
Then, I went ahead with MRI, B-12, and thyroid before leaving office at my mother-in-law's advice.
wah, wah, wah... i'll stop for now. here's where i'm at... cj
Awe CJ - happy that you found out, not happy that it is Lyme...Yes, please get tested for coinfections and do it through IgeneX - Their FISH test is what picked up my babesia. I went through Quest through John's Hopkins and the labs said I was negative for all coinfections...went through IgeneX positive for Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Babesia. So don't bother with the others.

Take care. I know you are probably feeling a little shell shocked after getting the news...I was. Take care and try not to figure it all out at once. You have to put the future in context and try to take it one day at a time right now. Lean on us, we are here...
I understand how shocked you must be but you have an answer to why all these things were happening to you. I agree with the FISH test too for Babesia and go through Igenex for all your coinfections. Ifyou do have them - they must be treated first . If you have Babesia- you'll be taking Mepron (an anti- malaria drug) that will get rid of this parasite. This will also come in handy if you're traveling..........I am here for you! Lyme affects the brain along with so many organs -just remember that! The Dr told me once I kill off the Babesia - I should feel alot better. You have to get tested for the coinfections..........Babesia causes night sweats, mood swings and fatigue. The first Dr said I had it but it came up negative. 2 months later after I had taken Flagyl for a colon infection- I started sweating and the new Dr. said I had Babesia and did the FISH test and it came back positive.

Who is your Dr? Where are you from again ?- I am very pleased w/ Dr. H. in hyde park,NY - in fact I LOVE their office- so kind , compassionate and willing to accomodate you in any way! God blessed me here too! I will be praying for you and ANYTIME you need me - I am here! "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD" Love , Babs :angel:
Hi cj. I am sorry you have Lyme but at least you now have answers and can get the treatment you need.

It is always good to get copies of your test results. I recommend having all Lyme and co-infection testing done at IgeneX.

Do you have an appointment lined up with a Lyme doctor?

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