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You were told Lyme is RARE in PA???? Freaking idiot docs, I swear! Sorry, just reliving a bit of what we went thru, hearing the same thing from supposedly all the "best" docs. Many here will tell you the same. Your symptoms sound pretty severe, sorry. But, so were my son's. His LLMD called it a severe, toxic onset of Lyme that does happen. He was also transported by ambulance and hopitalized for two weeks with all neg. tests. The ruling out process can drive you nuts, huh? Hang in there. There are great people here. Confirmed cases of Lyme can be really bizarre in individual symptoms and onset. I know someone who was completely paralized for three months and is much better now and on a swim team. Still others, that have had no rash have been told to go home and die b/c they had ALS and there was nothing to be done. When you hear of people that have lost their minds, been confined to wheelchairs, have severe panic disorder, etc., you soon find out that severe symptoms do sometimes happen that are not recognized by most docs to be Lyme. I hope you get well soon and find answers. Ask away with whatever you want. Everyone here is great, knowledgable, and compassionate. They have been my lifeline in some really trying times. Lyme combined with other TBA-tick borne illnesses-can stump a lot of people. Like the shrtness of breath and chest pain of Babesiosis for instance. Hopkins, HIH and Children;s Natl Med. Center had NO idea about it and my son tested negative for Lyme thry all of it until we got it pulled off the DNA thru cutting edge testing done at only a couple places in the country. Thank God we got an answer to what it was b/c my son is now doing great--altho a long road ahead, we have lots of hope. I hope you find out soon so you can get some relief. Take care. --Laurie

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