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I think that it is the idea of a line going up my arm the wigs me out! I have small veins and often have problems giving blood and hope that that won't make it difficult. Also, the idea of having a home health nurse come to my house once a week makes me feel like "a sick patient" - I have always been so healthy....and never imagined a Home Health Agencey being a part of my life - not until at least age 90 or so!.

I still manage to get out and hike......that is like my daily bread - it may wipe me out a bit but I still feel that the benefit of being surrounded by nature outweighs any negative effect associated with energy output. Besides my Golden Retriever has this "look" she gives me when it is time for her daily romp - bless her little golden heart.

Is there anything that I can do to make the experience easier for myself? I think educating myself about the procedure is probably my best bet. Yes, I will most certainly get that sleeve to keep the line dry during exercise and showering.

I am working on relaxation techniques to keep me in a nice calm place during the insertion. :angel:

Thanks again!

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