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Good morning Lamotta,
Though I wish I could have slept longer...

First of all, after reading your post, I realize that my post came off as attacking you personally and for that, I apologize. Please forgive me. I was spewing out of frustration, out of my own short history with the medical profession, and greatly for those who've gone through truly, horror stories because, in my opinion the medical community is in the dark ages about lyme. In saying that, I do mean that this is unecessarily so.

I'm brand new to lyme. So much of what I shared I do not KNOW, I'll have to admit. Lamotta, I did use the term 'antibodies' but what about those who use other tests that show live spirochettes? After months and months of treatment? For me to try and 'debate' lyme with my knowledge base is using my resources poorly... - I'm not sure why, but your post just stirred 'fight' in me. Maybe from fear... I need to trust that somebody will be able to treat me and be trusted. Your post threatened that.

You asked me to share my story. My diagnosing history is in a nutshell been told. I've tested positve for lyme with Ignenex labs on the IGM & IGG and waiting on coinfections testing results - hoping to get them today. I'm hoping to attack this disease with complemenary medicine.

I do hope you find health and answers and peace. Hope the same for me and the rest that suffer with anything.

Happy Monday. cj

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