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Had my PICC put in yesterday (what an unexpected ordeal!) and started my first does of Rocephin at the Dr.'s office. Within 5 minutes of starting the Rocephin I began to have a severe allergic reaction and needed to stop. Tried Benadryl and then Rocephin for a second time but had another allergic reaction so of course no Rocephin for me :eek: My Dr. wants to put me on Doxy. 200mg IV x2 a day. With CNS invlovement I understood Rocephin to be the most effective. How does the Doxy. compare to Rocephin?

The entire day was a nightmare with nurse "Ratchet" doing my PICC line and missing my vien and just thrusting the needle deeper and deeper into my arm trying to find my vien - the pain was so intense for me (and no, I am not a whimp when it comes to pain) that I past out - maybe that was a good thing. Then after I came to I had that allergic reaction and had difficulty breathing and felt like I had an attack of poision ivy in my nose and throat. Then just too throw in a really kicker, at check the fee was $75.00 over what I was told. Well, there was a "room charge"... a "room charge" to have the PICC line inserted at my Doctors office. Of course I was too exhausted from the drive up there in bad weather and the entire experience to argue so I just let it go...

What is the deal on Doxy? I know everyone is different but I heard lots of good things about Rocephin and I am worried that Doxy. might not do the trick. To be allergic to the one thing that may heal you is a really bummer, but trying to keep a positive tude!.
Thanks all...It was really just horrible......Guess when he told me he worked in the ER I should have figured he was accustomed to jabbing people who were already all shot up with pain killers or something.

I was suppose to begin my IV Doxy today but the delivery of meds never made it to my Dr.'s office! Gee, so here I sit with a PICC line for 5 days and no IV meds. I guess we all just get use to the frustrations and learn to roll with it :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: ...

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