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Geeez, what a big, fat stinky day YOU had. That's not cool at all!!! So sorry you went through that, trigal.

Don't worry about the abx, you can kill lyme with other stuff. I have never had an IV or Rocephin but I'm getting better. I did have a few bad experiences in the beginning and there are several antibiotics that I can't take for the same reason, but there are many more out there, so don't worry.

I take doxy and it's good. Give it a try, see how it works, if you have to add something or change something, just listen to your body and keep your doctor informed. I also take zithromax and plaquenil. I like that combination, but I know not everyone does.

You can't take something you're allergic too, so don't dwell on it. Keep trying, you'll be okay. Best to you, and I hope you never have a day like that one again!!!

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