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Re: Moving In...;)
Jan 24, 2005
Happy to hear you are having some good days. I'm kind of on an even keel right better, no worse. I went to Dr. J's on 1/14. I had been taking Septra and Minocyn. That combo caused little herxing or side effects. It was the Biaxin/Minocyn that did me in. I was given Levaquin to take with the Septra for 4 weeks, ( 5 day weeks) taking Flagyl week 3, then taking Levaquin with Minocyn 4 for weeks. I was on this new combo only 3 days, when the clinic called and said my white blood count was a bit low. So, I still take no meds on the weekends, and have started Levaquin/Septra today and will do every other day. I see my primary doctor in 3 to 4 weeks for blood work to see how white count is. Guess all I can do is wait it out.

I started feeling better in Dec. I still have all the same symptoms, but felt well enough to do all the holiday stuff. Since I developed thyroid nodules the same time period as lyme, I feel the 2 are related. I am taking Synthyroid for nodules, but according to endo, don't have thyroid disease. So, I'm not sure if I feel better because of anti-biotics or Synthyroid, which blows the endo's theory. Regardless, if I hadn't started feeling better, the holidays would have been a bust.

Take care...

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