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Hey all... I finally began my Doxy. IV treatment yeasterday. I should pose this ? to my Lyme Dr. but I don't feel like paying $150.00 for a 2 mintue discussion :rolleyes: so I thought I would post my question here!

Can you herx within hours of starting IV? On Zithro orals it took me a few days - though on the Ceftin it took one day. In the middle of my second dose of IV last night I began feeling soooo tired and very weak...woke up this morining feeling the same and sort of tingling all over and really tired......Could this be a reaction to the Doxy. or a herx? I sometimes wonder if the herx reaction is also in part a reaction to the meds? At any rate just curious if herxing occurs at a faster pace with IV as opposed to oral (would make sense). Also, is 400 mg. a common dosage for chronic/later stage? (200mg every 12 hours). Tried the Rocephin but was allergic which is why I am doing doxy.


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