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My daughter is unfortunately out of school so we have to go with an individual plan. I guess I will try BC/BS as its the only one I can find. United HC and Cigna don't have individual plans in California.

As for us....we started out with doxy in the beginning for a few months. Didn't ever here about the danger of an ulcerated esophagus....ouch.

We have been switching antibiotics about every three months...have been on biaxin, zithromax, probenecid, plaquanil, and rocephin IM at various times. My husband also had augmentin and flagyl with minocycline coming up. I am also on levothryroxine for thyroid. They all seem to help a bit on varioius things. Lots-o-supplements too numerous to name.

Have been bedridden for two weeks and just had arthroscopy on my knee last Thursday which so far is sooooo much better. Lyme just exacerbated an old knee injury and it was time to get it fixed.

I've been working from home these past two weeks because of the knee, but normally both of us still work full time, so I guess we are lucky, but just not so fast these days.

Thanks for your support.

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