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And if you have heard of his herbal treatments do you know anyone using it.

I spoke with the doctor he explained he didn't expect the Antibiotics to help me very much, as the brain membrain will not allow antibiotics to pass through into the brain.

I have made an appointment just to speak with him for some information.

And right after I see him a week later I go to Jemseck Clinic to get more information.

I understand I am battling for my life as we all are that have long term Lyme. I will share all info from each doctor if there is anything new that has not been posted on this board.
Hello Ekim,
First like you I am going to the Jemsek clinic and am undergoing IV therapy and other other oral protocols. The office aslo supplied me with a list of supplement that I can take. I asked if it was alright to take other supplements and they said give us the list because the supplements may interfere with the treatment. On my next appoint I will meet with Heidi to talk about supplements
A friend showd me the link for Dr Zhang. His website claims to be able to cure Lyme disease with "Modern Chinese Medicine". So I have had a telephone conversation with Dr Zhang for which he charged $199.00. I asked him how did he know he cured his patients. He said becasue the PCR test is negative. Well, Lamata77 a fellow Lyme member of Healthboards disputes his claim. I will also bring it up at my next visit with Jemsek office.
Dr Zhang is impressive. And I wanted to hear that there was an alternative to the expensive IV therapy that will not cure one of Lyme. I bought Zhang's supplements to build your immune system before Lamata77 provided the information about the PCR test.
The problem here of course is that we have no way of verifying Zhang's claims.
Hello Ekim,

I am so sorry to hear that you do not feel well.

The dilema that we all face is what Dr Jemsek stated to me "There is no cure for Lyme". So perhaps all the antibiotics and all the doctors cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again. And with that wemay have to suffer with dignity to whatever may happen.
The promise that Dr Zang gave me was an exotic Chinese Medicine that is the magic bullet that Western Medicine has not discovered. And at a reasonable cost to boot.
Another fact that Dr Zhang pointed out to you is that antibiotics cannot penetrate the brain membrain. Yet, lamata77 said the rocephin is a very effective antibiotic that will penetrate the brain membrane barrier.
How can we run this by Dr. Jemsek? I will not see him until late March. On my next visit in 2 weeks, I will type questions about the Zhang protocol and see what he says.

PS Feel free to post any questions that you would like me to include!
I almost feel that it is up to fait more than anything if we heal, once being long term.

There are times of hoplessness, then hope, then doubts, regrits, being lost, confused, but the one thing I have not beein able to do with Lyme is find a true focus point to hold on to.

Its like falling backwards out of a chair, reaching for the desk or something else to hold you up, and your hands are only filled with empty air. It almost always feel like there is nothing firm to grab to?

I do know one thing, maybe not in our time, but Lyme will become one of the biggest diseases facing future populations. And whats funny while it is happening everyone but a few doctors that are close to it, will not even see the disease I am sure of it.

Good health to you fellow Lymies, and the best of hope, (can't say luck) we had to have some bad luck to get this, but hope seems to be the best word I can select.
Just thought i would chime in here..i have taken his products in the past to boost the immune system, as my llmd is the one who reccomended them. My dr, said that some people do very well on them(it is expensive) others don't respond as well. i will go on some new ones, for me anyway, after my stomach problems get taken care of..apparently gall bladder is not working at all. anyway, my doc gave me 3 new bottles of zhang products to try for specific persistent lyme symptoms. i will report my findings asap. PS i did take ahang's allicin capsules to protect my baby during pregnancy, and she is healthy as a horse. jellfish
Jellyfish love your name, love the sea and animals. Happy your child is healthy this is great news!

I had an appointment with Dr Zhang today. Very simple, I like him. I asked every Lyme question I could think of, and I liked is answers.

He has been treating Lyme for 10-years. Claims to have a 70% rate of cure on the PCR test?

But the BBB, (blood, brain, barrier), he spoke about and what he said I think from my findings I agree with. This filters molecules to a very small size, including antibiotics. I don't believe he is saying that no antibiotics get to the brain, just not a sufficient amount to help most patients. Question the best rate of cure so far I have heard of from antibiotics for long term Lyme seems to be very low in many ways.

Something he did which I found very intersting is acupuncture, and he did this with small electric shocks which I felt pulsating, it wasn't bad, but just the thought of Lyme getting a shot of anything felt good.

He said I would herx from his treatment, well this is key for me, I am good at herxing. So I will see.

By the way one of the items he gave was Artemisiae, but he claimed his was formulated for him and is of the best quality.

There was much interesting from this appointment, I have taken my first dose of his treatment, and the garlic pills are the strongest by 20-times I have ever seen or smelled. He explained his where created to pass through the BBB. We will see. I have been honest about every thing I have tried to this point. And I will be about this. He also placed me under Infra Red Heat for 25-minutes while there.

Anyone with any questions please feel free to ask.
Good evening ekim1111.

I was just perusing Dr. Zhang's info this evening. Sounds great but I don't know if I can afford any more supplements right now. I wish you luck with him and thanks for sharing your experience.

I also read another Lyme treatment that mentioned far-infrared waves for detoxing the body. That may explain the heat lamp he put you under.

I hope the little critters writhed in pain from the acupunture!!

As far ast the term hyperthermia, i just received a lyme protocol from an alternative doc here in town tht includes that word along with all other types of approaches, ie.: vitamin c pushes, samento, etc., so i don't know what he is actually offering - or where. i don't even know what Intracellular Hyperthermia Treatment is. I just know that reading her testimony was VERY encouraging for someone who thought they were dying. Apparently after posting here on the boards, she got much worse. Covered in rash that was going into her eyes, losing vision, pretty scared.
Pioneer stuff :dizzy: - j'm just trying to find a healthy diet and keeping my abx and probiotics apart. and not taking mints without thinking, like i did last night!
go forth- cj
samaya35: I am skeptical of anyone that says they can cure me from Lyme. Just can't believe it until I see it. I have been sick so long and have spoke to everyone you could just about, no one has any answers that can be confirmed.

gerribear: They took me to the ER which before I was diganosed I ran to many times through the years, I would know walking in there now, they no nothing that can help Lyme patients and would lie down and stick a flag in it, before going to that goon ball hall!

Also the antibiotics did 100% bring much of my mind back, but what good is it for me, if everytime I get off them in a few weeks I am being torn up at a amazingly fast rate? I have to believe that the antibiotics did do something but I need something more. Or I will be on a bed not moving shaken my time away.

cjFTWORTH: I think it is funny, it would be some kind of a revenge for me to go to the ER and stink them out, I would say extra long hhhheeelllllloooo'ssss.

Day four on Mr Z,s treatment: So far I am I think today about 2-full weeks off antibiotics, longest I have been able to go so far. I have been what feels like herxing as I have stated, but being very careful not sure what it is. But it dose happen about two hours after I take Z's treatments. And when I feel the sickest I have this over whelming tastes of garlic in my mouth and can feel it powerfully in my eyes seeping out. Interesting so far...
Jon my wife and I are eating it also. One full clove last night. Tell you what wasn't feeling so hot before eating (herxing I think) but the shock of that stuff gave me a good kick in the rear...

This is the only way my wife can kiss me, even talk to me, is if we eat raw garlic together, it goes with everything.

We are getting many laughes out of this, my uncle nearly passed out on the car with us. Held his shirt over his face the entire ride. Everyone is acting this way around us. We decided if it works, I'd rather smell like garlic then fill the Lyme...

Day 5. Not sure what is going on, feels like I am having steady herxing under his treatment. But also there is this clearity I feel in the mornings before his first treatments. So far I am happy with his treatments, there seems to something happening?
Dear Ekim,
I'm just thrilled that you are feeling so much better. I hope that the treatments work for you. How long did the doctor say this would take? I am in Texas and would not be able to see him because I think you are writing from the east coast somewhere. I'm still on my inadequate amount of Doxy but after 10 days actually have felt like I was experiencing some herx symptoms. I will post these later today or tomorrow. What happened is kind of scary. One thing I do hope is that if this truly works for you even after you stop the treatment and are considered "cured", I hope you will not abandon us on this website and post frequently so we all have some hope. God, I can't believe how many times I used the word hope in that last sentence, I guess it has just become a huge word for me. I was so excited when you were feeling so much better after the antibiotics and was devastated right along with you when you relapsed. I wonder if doctor Z can tell you how long you will have to wait before you know when you have beaten Lyme after stopping his procedure. You seem to be well prepared when you go to see any doctor and hope you will continue to be our "hero". By the way, I know how good you were feeling after the antibiotics but did you continue them for the 6 - 8 weeks that Ticker said you should after all the symptoms were gone? Just curious if that made a difference in it returning. If this works for you we will all be mortgaging our houses to do it. I hardly see anybody anymore because of the Lyme so I don't care if I stink from the garlic! If it bothers my husband I'll just sleep upstairs! I'd rather stink than have Lyme anyday. Please keep us posted and I pray for a full recovery for you. I know my husband gets really frustrated with what's going on with me because he thought he would retire and we would travel. HAH! We not only aren't going anywhere but after years of being a sales rep for computer companies he's now working at Home Depot just so we can pay all the medical bills. He has reached an age where nobody wants you if you are over 50. Not what either one of us saw as a future. I do know that in amongst the frustration he feels there is a lot of sympathy for my plight because he does tell me frequently that he would be calling every doctor in the country just to find out what to do. He says he would be crazy by now. I agree! He just lives with a crazy woman instead. But as I told him, nobody seems to know what to do or cares what you are going through. Too bad all doctors aren't required to experience all the diseases out there just for a day so they would know what we are going through. Maybe then you'd see alittle more compassion. I hope you are wrong and that in our lifetime (near future) that somebody will find something to help us and our fellow sufferers who haven't even been bitten yet. Continue to give us hope.We are counting on you!
Betterdaysforme - I really in my heart hope this for you... And yes using the word hope many times with this disease is understandable -sometimes its the only thing that keeps us going...

Dr. Z told me it would be about three weeks of herxing or not feeling good, and after this I should notice I will start to feel better. The treatment is going to last for a while, maybe a year or so. Lyme takes time to treat. But if it fails I will know much faster then this.

I have not been able to last more then two weeks without antibiotics and now I am almost double that with no antibiotics.

I would never leave this board, I feel a responsiblity if I get lucky and find relief from this horrible disease I would never forget how desparate I have been, and how important it is to see someone that has recovered. This is the hardest disease I have ever heard of that isn't real! At the Jemsek Clinic they say its easier for an Aids patient than it is for a Lyme Patient...

I am not doing what the Jemsek clinic recomended only because I believe the herbs are working, if I begin what is a sure relapse I will begin the antibiotics...

Good luck to you betterdaysforme, and to all that are not well... Life just isn't the same once you have this disease. Don't ever expect to be what I was before the Lyme struck me hard, just want to be able to function and be productive and give back and not take from society... Thanks for the feedback.
Well another week has passed, this is week 4 on Zang's treatments... So far I'm doing very good on it.

Jemsek Clinic wants me to do a 5-week mix of antibiotics to see if I herx, and what the reaction is to determine where I am in the disease. Since they seem to know what they're speaking of, started Antibiotics yesterday to see if I can produce a herx.

PS. My last Lyme Test where Negitive from the Jemsek Clinic, first time this has happend since I've tested positive almost 16 months ago...
Not really sure yet on how well I'm doing. Yes I do feel better.

Not sure but believe I may have suffered perminent damage from the Lyme (which I can live with) but don't know yet if this is how I will feel or getting better?

Do know that the Antibiotics, second day, and I am herxing on them... So this leaves me to believe I may have another long round of them coming up.

Over all I am happy with my progress (lucky to be able to function at all) go lucky I believe caught it just in time before real damage was done.

For now I live each day, waiting for relief from the constant ear ringing, or slightly sick feeling I have all day or to relapse totally. This thing confuses me totally, but I am doing better at this point then any of the last 16-months.

This is a disease of time, much time is needed to see what is happening.
A follow about this treatment.

I called Dr Z told him my wife also now has Lyme what do you recommend?

Said: "If you get better your wife can try the treatment."

Dam if I knew I had a treatment that worked this would have been the last thing I would,ve said.

I had the feeling like he knew we knew to much about Lyme to pull any wool over our eyes.

I think there maybe something to it, but without the antibiotics Zhan'gs Treatment does NOT stop Lyme. I would have been in big trouble if this is all I used.

PS. Its nice not smelling like Garlic anymore...

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