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Thanks for all of the input guys, I really appreciate it!

Man, what a tricky disease this is, it mocks so many other symptoms. So far, the doctors that I have seen are really baffled.

Below are the tests I have had in the past four months alone:

Thallium Stress Test - Negative

Overnight Oximetry - Negative

Heavy Metal Toxicology (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Thallium) - Negative

Sprial CT Scan - Negative

CT Of Sinuses - Negative

Echo Of Heart - Negative

Blood Gases - Normal

Chest X-Ray (three of them) - All Normal

EKG - Abnormal, irregular beats with tachycardia

Main Symptoms:

Shortness of breath

Tachycardia, irregular beats, palpitations

Vision disturbance (floaters, blurred vision)

Joint pain

Severe dizziness

Intermittent cognitive impairment

Severe Headaches

Feeling of being "disconnected"

Lack of energy

Symptoms started Sept. 8 and have never fully gone away. In August, I had a large rash on the back of my neck (not the classic EM, but something very large). Symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks, and all of a sudden.

The doctors that I have seen (Cardiologist, Respiratory, Family Doctor, Infectious Disease) have not been able to come up with a diagnosis other than heart abnormalties which they say are not harmful. I do not have a past history of heart problems, and they are not in my family.

My family doctor is the only one so far who would make the Lyme diagnosis, and prescribed Atenolol for the Tachycardia, and Doxycycline for the Lyme. I believe the Atenolol saved my life a few times, without it, my pulse rate would suddenly skyrocket to over 150 BPM for no reason. I attribute the rapid heart rate and high BP to the dizziness and shortness of breath, both very severe before being prescribed the Atenolol. All major heart tests came back normal. Cardiologist stated that "plumbing is good", "electrical impulses are messed up"

The infectious disease doctor was a worthless POS, immediately dismissing me from his office (a 45 minute drive from my home). He laughed and said my symptoms are not the known symptoms of Lyme, and that Lyme does not exsist in this area. I also asked about Babesiosis, he said it does not exsist in the United States. This guy is pretty much worthless. He did mention that he treated one case of Lyme, unsucessfully.

And then I found out about Dr. Swami, who comes highly recommend, both by this board, and by a friend of my family's who had Lyme. But then I hear a horror story from a doctor (also a family friend), about Swami. I think I need to ignore this and see Dr. Swami.

The only problem with seeing Dr. Swami is the drive. The drive is approx 1 and 1/2 hours away, and I can't ride in a vehicle that long without getting the severe symptoms of dizziness, numbness, and rapid heart rate. Motion seems to set off the symptoms. Looks like I don't have a choice though.

Next week I am scheduled to see two infectious disease doctors who are supposed to be lyme literate. I have a feeling they will treat me just like the last doctor. But this time I will not even mention Lyme, I will let them make the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not Lyme, off to Dr. Swami I shall go!

Well, I'll keep you all updated on these latest infectious disease docs!

I wish everyone going through this awful disease the best of luck.

Best regards,


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