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Well at the request of my PCP I got another Lyme test run.... I am currently on IV Doxy and being treated by a LLD in NY. My primary wanted to run another test and have me get a second opinion by a I.D. doctor in Jersey to make sure that treatment protocol was ok. I tested positive by Igenex and met criteria for CDC for both IgG and IgM. More recent test done at quest show zero infection - nothing. The I.D. and my primary are telling me to stop all treatment and get the PICC line out - that I do not have infection.

So now what? They want to rule out MS and Adrenal issues and feel that since the recent Quest results came back negative I should not be on IV antibiotics.

Could someone please tell me which lab of these 2 are most repetable? Now I am wondering if my symptoms are NOT lyme. I am more confused now then ever. I understand Igenex to be the go to Lab, but now I am fearful that they have a high rate of false positives and that maybe I do not have lyme.

I am so confused! I thought I wanted a second opinion but now I regret it!


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