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I'm hoping someone can help me. I just found out that I've been approved for a Med line catheter insertion tomorrow morning! This will be inserted at my doctor's office. I was under the impression I was having a PICC line inserted at a local hospital. Anyone familiar with a Med line? What is the difference between a Med line and a Picc line? I was just called and told I was approved and to come in on Thursday. I'm pretty nervous about how much pain, etc. I know I'll be giving the meds to myself and having the dressing changed every week at the doctor's office. Any experience with this procedure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hey jenn100 :wave: I cannot comment on the med line but I can on the PICC. I had my PICC inserted almost 2 weeks ago. The PICC (I forget what it stands for) basically is a catheter that is inserted in one of the veins near the bend of your arm and the small tubing is threaded all the way up your arm as close to your chest wall/heart as possible. Maybe the medline does not go all the way to your chest - maybe that stops in your arm or something?

Do you really want to know my experiece with the PICC? :eek: :eek: I do not want to scare you but since you are having a med line.....The nurse who did my PICC was very very rough...did not numb the area, could not find my vein and just went a jabbing away with the long needle. I am not a whimp with pain and have had IV"S in the past. For me this was different - he had to go much deeper into the vein then what you experience during giving blood or IV's. The pain for me was so bad I past out....literally.

I do not want to scare you and many people have had no problems with getting a PICC. Guess it depends on who inserts it! Ask them to numb the area for you and warm them ahead of time if you have small veins or veins that move around a bit..

It is still a bit tender at the site and I get some muscle pain/ spasms in my shoulder from the line (when I over do it!) but a little heat and advil does the trick. Any other questions please ask..

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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