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Thanks for information everyone - you guys are great!!!

unfortunately I have had Crohn's for a while - Teenager

I was diagnosed in June of 2004 with Lyme and was put on 3 months of abx Amoxil (pills) - the dr. wanted to do an IV but I said no due to having a little one that I was still carrying around a lot, but now I don't have that issue anymore since she is extremely mobile. I know I was bit 2x in the last 3 years - no rash or anything.

The new dr. I am seeing is a Dr. Daly in York, PA - he has come highly recommended by my GI who was treating me and also other Lyme paitients.

I was tested for the co infections by Bowen and I came back with the mycroplasmas and that was it. But I know I will be tested by Igenex by my new dr. - that is his standard.

Crohn's can be highly bacterial and I am down to only abx - Colazal (anti-imflamatory) that is a maint drug and also Probiotics and also a test study drug for Crohn's, I was doing great until the Lyme hit last year and it just killed my digestive system and got me out of remission. I have read the information about the MAP Bacterial and my GI wants to get the Lyme under control before trying anything new - my system is very sensitive. He feels that if I get the Lyme under control it will help my Crohn's go back into remission (may take a while) - but one thing at a time for me!

I have been tested for food allergies and have some, I avoid gluten since it sets me off and other little things too.

I have tried the Primal defense - too strong for my system, but I work better with other brands of acidollphilus. I am waiting to anything else until I see the dr. I can't wait!!

Thanks for all the information!

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