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I would be glad to share my treatments with you, but remember everyone is different when it comes to Lyme. My doctor tells me Doxy Really helps many people in great ways. I had so many muscle twitches that he was worried he would not be able to tell if it was the Lyme or the Doxy, so he treated me in other ways. (Twitches being a side effect of Lyme & Doxy).

Here is my treatment over the last 14-months

Doxycyline 100mg capsues by Watso.
Dose, one pill two times a day.

And with the Doxycyline I was taken:
Cefuroxime Axetil 500mg Tab by Ivxgo
1 per day.
But I was doing worse and was increased to two per day.

I then got sick from the Doxycyline and it was changed to:
Biaxin XL 500mg Tablet SA by Abbot.
Dose two per day.

And right now I am on:
Biaxin XL 500mg Tablet SA by Abbot.
Dose two per day.

And also with the Biaxin I take:
Rifampin 300mg Capsules
Dose 1 per day.
And along with the Biaxin & Rifampin and I am now taken Silver 400 Mild Silver Protein 400ppm twice a day.

I have been on Cats claw or Prima Una de Gato along with a handful of things like fish oils, vitamins, and many other types of supplements.

And started a new treatment today involving Vitamin C and Collidal Silver IV's.

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