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My illness is long term. I was already having major symptoms by 1994, but was hosptilized the first time for Lyme like symptoms in 1978, have been in hospitals for so called Viral infections of the brain many times. They always treated me with different antibiotics for a couple weeks.

Was not dx. until 2004 about Jan I guess.

I have been no where but in a bed most of our relationship! I know my wife and her first symptoms showed about about a year ago as swollen glands.

We can not prove 100% to a doctor that Lyme was transmitted between us, but in my heart I know it was. I know to many families where all of the members have Lyme. No way is this just from the draw of a tick. Something else is at play here. I am sure when the facts are in (maybe many years from now) no one is studing Lyme and other tick born so called illness to any extent that can warrent that my wife did not contract it from me.

But it does stink, what a battle this is! And yes it has been a hard road, from feeling metally ill for months -to being just about crippled. Not knowing how to use a tooth brush -to being able to think. I am a mental and physical yo-yo.

I wonder at times how much longer I can hold out. The next few weeks are very important about 2 weeks off antibiotics. And on Zhang's treatment.

Good health to all!

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