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My first lyme symptoms 10 months ago, was tingling all over and pressure on one side of my head, bright light in 1 eye, severe ringing in ears. I have had many other symptoms come and go over the months. The tingling is now in just hands and feet. This and the head pressure with light and ears ringing are still very bothersome. Has anyone had any of these symptom that actually went away? I have been in treatment for 3- 1/2 months. I saw a dramatic improvement in how I generally felt after being in treatment 2 months. I am grateful for this, but would like to see one of these symptoms disappear.

Hi Ral86 - The tingling I have had has disappated quite a bit in the last three months of treatment...the pressure in my head got worse with treatment - seems to be part of herxing for me...I am still having issues in my right eye with light - this has been a problem for awhile. Ringing in my ears has been minimal and comes and goes...worse with treatment.

I can tell you this...until I was off the abxs for a week was I able to see that a lot of my symptoms were herxing...but it also tells me that the bacteria is still present in some concentration because I am still herxing a lot.

Don't worry though...I think you will find the severity of the symptoms when you are off the abx will be less then you experience while herxing...but I guess the symptoms are still a sign that the abx's are still there.

Keep me posted on your progress...any plans to make the support meeting on the 13th?


I still have a problem with my right eye sensitive to light. I have double vision that I notice mostly at night and it's only looking at small numbers or letters, like a digital clock. I have pressure on the right side of my face and I do have a problem with ringing in the ears. That seems worse late night too. All of this is on the same side of face and head. The tingling is better then when it started. I had it on head and face and all over. My limbs felt like I had a breeze blowing on them. I will start Flaygl 3 days next week and go for more blood work the following week to see if white blood count is better. I assume I will start back to the 5 days a week routine I was suppose to start 2 weeks ago. Taking meds only 3 days a week will slow down improvement.

I am happy you are seeing a light at the end of your tunnel. In spite of my symptoms, I am feeling better, too.

I had hoped to make Feb. meeting, but my son and family are coming to town that weekend.


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