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I just read Ticker's response to gottagetbetter and it spurred this post. And stirred up a bit of old garbage with my OLD doc, too. Sorry. Hopefully that stuff doesn't translate via the waves too much.

Ticker, you said,
'I believe it is good to help strengthen your immune system during treatment with things that are safe to take in conjunction with antibotics. From what I understand, Dr. Crist treats with a combination of antibiotics and alternative therapies. '

When i went to 2nd appt. for treatment plan, I asked about probiotics and immune builders. She said it'd be good to eat yogurt or take acidophilus and as for IB's, she felt that actually, people with lyme may actually have a over-active immune system, elaborated a bit, but I didn't really understand.
This was after a very rough start. I really was like a deer caught in the headlights I think, because I told her that I would trust her opinion and meant it.
Now as for the present. (thanks for putting up with the vent)
What are some good immune builders that don't get in the way of abx? I am on Primal Defense, which is more than acidophilus but I don't know if it would be considered an IB.
Anyway, thoughts, suggestions. Maybe it is best that I start slow.

Just a note, started abx last Thurs. and have had mostly days where a variety of increased head/neck/body aches, some nausea, brain fog, heart irreg.'s and then pretty much the same: ringing in ears, vision changes and arthritic symptoms that come and go at whim.
Built up on abx a bit today and so far so good. Don't know that I'll ever get up to 6 pills in one dose. Since I'm looking for another llmd, not sure it's necessary. but I'm pleased with the total daily dosage from everything I've read from reputable sites.

Today was a great day after hot bath - even mind was clearer. I'll take it.

Hope everyone is doing great, good or OK. ttfn. cj

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