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Reverse Herx?
Feb 4, 2005
Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well...

My LLMD tried tetracycline with me for a month, after no positive effects, he's putting me on, now I'm going to butcher the spelling here, plaquenil and bioxin.

Before I start them he told me to take a week off between medications.

Now I stopped the tetracycline Monday and since I stopped, I've steadily been feeling crappier by the day to the point I thought I was going to faint in Home Depot tonight...

My question is exactly what the title of this thread, is it possible that my body is reacting to not having antibiotics?

Ugh, at least I can have a drink to ease some pain...

Re: Reverse Herx?
Feb 4, 2005
Hi Tom. I am sorry you are feeling crummy :(

I believe the meds you are talking about are Biaxin and Plaquenil. This is a good combo. I think your body is reacting to being off the antibiotics. When you start the new combo, try to not have a lot planned for a few days so you can see how you react.

Hang in there okay?
Re: Reverse Herx?
Feb 4, 2005
I started plaquenil 2 weeks ago, with zithro max, and doxy.... I feel more and more amazingly healthy every day on this!

Good luck!
Re: Reverse Herx?
Feb 7, 2005
[QUOTE=ncgirl88]SpreadItAround - Were you tested for coinfections too? I am trying to remember...I just think it is imperitive that you be tested for Babesia especially if you are dealing with that level of dizziness....[/QUOTE]


Yes, I was tested for the co-infections and I tested positive for Bartonella but none of the others...

Started plaquenil, biaxin, vitamin B-100 and folic acid today!

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