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Hi everybody,
As you all know I started on Doxy last Wednesday night and I laid out a chart for the stuff I take so it doesn't interfere with the Doxy but I have a few questions. Being on the IV was great because there really were no food
and few drug restrictions. I take 100 mg Doxy 2x per day (know that's not enough but hope to up it after my next lab), I am going to list what I take and see if you all concur that it's all right.

8:00AM 100mg Doxy plus 16 oz water and toast or oatmeal and peaches
(I have a weak stomach and felt food would help -
my pharmacy paper said you can eat a small meal)
11:30AM 1 peppermint/oregano capsule to help with digestion
12:00 Noon I eat lunch and then take a vitamin B combo for the nervous
12:30PM 1 acidophilus (1 billion cultures)
1:00PM 1 milk thistle to make sure the liver enzymes don't go crazy again
6:30 - 7:00PM 100mg Doxy plus 16oz water and small dinner meal
10:00PM 1 calcium tablet
I also drink at least 32 more ounces of water each day and drink Sleepy time tea just before bed (it helps a little). I sometimes drink green tea to help the immune system (a couple of times a week).
My question is can I still take calcium with the Doxy as long it is at least 3 hours before or later? I was also just taking the milk thistle once a day and saw on the bottle you can take it 3 times a day. Just to protect the liver I would like to take it at least twice a day. Is this okay and does it need to be 3 hours either way from the Doxy too? Also am I taking enough acidophilus? I know it needs to be the 3 hour deal but not sure if I should take it twice a day. I haven't taken the calcium for a couple days because of the precaution on the Doxy paper but I'm 57 and really think I need to be taking it.
I can't remember who but somebody wrote in and talked about their ovaries bothering them and was wondering if this is a side effect of the Doxy because mine are bothering me too and I had not had a problem before the Doxy.
Rocephin really helped more than I realized and I haven't seen anything yet with the Doxy but I guess I just need to be a little patient. One thing that I will say is that after the 3 week layoff from the meds I feel like I took a few steps back. I never had pain (just a little in the back of my knee when I stood too long) and now I have pain (arms, shoulders, and headaches). Some days my legs hurt too - I can't tell if they feel really hot or really cold. It's hard to explain. And my equilibrium had gotten a lot better and now it's horrible again. Does this mean that the critters are back in the blood and therefore more visible symptoms are happening. Don't know if it's the meds or what. Maybe one of you has had some of the same problems. Can't wait for this stuff to kick in and stop the insomnia and the leg twitching like the Rocephin did. With the dose this small will I see any of the progress I made come back? Don't know if this small a dose will help and just take longer or won't help at all? Just want to start sleeping again. I really thought I was just taking baby steps with the IV but now I see how much progress I had made. Ticker said she was impressed that I had made so much progress when I was on the Rocephin and I just didn't realize how right she/he was. Last question, how long will it take the Doxy to kick in at all - even the smallest step will make me feel that I'm not swallowing all this stuff for nothing. Thanks for any and all input. By the way -GO PATRIOTS what a great game! Love em when they are that close.

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