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Sorry you are feeling this way. Welcome to the boards--this is a great place. You must see a LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor). This ALL happened to my son. The same symptoms, the same tests, the same negative results, the same, "it's all in your head." NOT!!! He has Lyme and it wasn't found until 3 yrs later or maybe longer, we do not know really. Never saw a tick. He has had every single one of the symptoms you have had. He is SO much better now that he is on treatment. The last couple of days have been rough, but it's b/c of a virus that caused some problems--other than that he is my health son again, except for when he herxes which we can live with b/c it passes and we know he's getting well. This is a horribly misunderstood disease and you must advocate hard for what you need--a diagnosis--not a bunch of meds you don't need or wastebasket diagnoses. Ticker will be a long soon to let you know of a LLMD near (hopefully) you. Post where you live, the town and state I mean. That will help him or her get a jump on it. It's not cheap, I warn you--but just keep in mind that thereis NOTHING more valuable than your health, and the sooner you get treatment--the better if it's Lyme. Best of luck to you.

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