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Hi Carl Erik,
So glad to hear you are feeling better. I was on Rocephin for 9 weeks and then my liver enzymes went crazy. Your doctor must have put you on zithro right away after the IV. Mine made me wait three weeks to make sure the liver was okay, which it was thank God. By the time he put me on Doxy ( just 200 mg - not enough) I really went backwards. I'm hoping after my next labs in two weeks that he will up the dosage but not sure. My major problems didn't go away with the IV but a lot of little ones and now I realize how much better I was feling even with just the baby steps. Hopefully the Doxy will kick out the rest that the IV started. Keep telling us that you are getting better so we can look forward to that too! I'm still waiting for the Doxy to kick in and put me at least back to where I was after the Rocephin.
It's only been a week though so I'm sure it will take a while longer to see any results. By the way did they take your picc-line out? I guess if they did and you are approved for more IV they will have to put it back in. Mine was taken out because my enzymes went from 40 to 787 and the doctor absolutely will not risk the IV again. He says it will do the same thing if I started an IV again and he will not risk that. Neither will I! I just added milk thistle to keep that from happening with the Doxy.

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