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thank you for the input :: The last thing i thought was lyme :: i'll go to the thread where board members posted their symptoms in a little while, I went to the doctor because i thought there was something wrong with my heart :: (fast beats for no apparent reason, chest discomfort etc.) While i was there, he said "as long as your here, let's get a work up on you" I thought perhaps i had arthritis and i mentioned this to him. Needless to say i was floored when the results came back and i saw that in addition to routine blood tests, he had ordered a test for lyme and even more blown away when i read the result. I have not seen him since i had the results faxed to me :: my next appt is for 2/15. But in reading the board i've noticed most everyone, when talking about being tested for lyme reference specific tests and talk about bands. My result simply says ::

Lyme Disease IgG/IgM
Reference range 1.04 HI
0.00-0.90 ... negative
0.91-<1.09... Equivocal
>1.09.. Positive
Other: Serologic Lyme disease test result should only be used in conjuction with other findings. The final diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis should be based on clinical findings, patient history, and knowledge of the epidemiology of B.burgodorferi and its vector in the patient's environment.

Reading so much on lyme has become overwhelming, and difficult to absorb. I would love a lyme knowledgeable doctor, i did find a site where for 5.00 they send a list of LLD's :: i've sent for that list but have not recieved it yet. I am in Belleville New Jersey, which is in Essex County, very near NYC.

I guess what really pisses me off is I know i probably was bit, but, and i know this is so ignorant of me :: it was in Jersey City and i thought to myself jersey city, deer ticks :: nah :: and that was at least two years ago, could be longer. The guard dogs at the warehouse of my employer (i go there every weekend to feed them) get ticks every year and i am the lucky one who treats them and their environment for the ticks :: so i am sure the exposure for me was there.

I could go on forever here :: but i won't :; but i will say i can so relate to everyone on here :: i will say i guess i am almost relieved that i have lyme :: with the symptoms i experience and not knowing what was wrong I imagined myself with all sorts of horrible incurable diseases. I am not minimizing lyme by any means, i know that it is a very dibilitating dreadful disease.

I am grateful to my doctor for testing based on the symptoms i relayed to him. I will thank him when i see him next week. I am pissed off at me as i said for not seeking him out sooner, (i avoid doctors until it's absolutely necessary) which in this case has hurt me in the long run.

again i thank you all :: your posts have been more than helpful and i wish you all :: health.

be well :::

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