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Re: Whats going on?
Feb 12, 2005
i forgot to say that i also had symptoms of a bladder/urinary tract infection but nothing was found. i had pain in my left side of my bladder and my right kidney. They found i had a cyst on my testicle and on my kidney, but no infection.

I also get this really bad itching (no rash) now and again - it lasts a few days but then it goes. I think its some kind of food allergy but i cant pinpoint it.

Im also very sketchy - like very jumpy. If someone makes a quick movement towards me i jump a mile. Weird?!?

Since getting ill i now get loads and loads of spots on my face - not a rash but spots. Im 23 (nearly) and i never had any spots in my teen years.

just some other things , im not sure if they point towards lyme's or not

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