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Thanks to everybody for support and replies. :bouncing:

Wow, the Babesiosis info is really hitting home in a big way. And I have never been tested for that. The specific type of headache that ncgirl88 is describing sounds EXACTLY like the type of headache I have been having. And I am someone who otherwise never gets headaches, except I'd go through these peculiar spells where I would have them (and other symptoms together with it) and then suddenly it go away (well not all the way, but the headache at least would stop and everything else would at least subside). But lately it's all gotten way more severe and the headache is not going away. And the dizziness, and yes, the neck pain that too, and the nausea. The headache sort of radiating up out of the stiff neck just like she described, except mine goes up the back and to the top of the head. And the backache. All of these. And the rage thing which is so atypical for me to actually "lose it", it almost feels like someone else is doing it.

Now that I think of it, whenever I would get the headaches it was always along with a flare-up of all the other symptoms. Never during the "quasi-normal" times. I also realize now in retrospect that it usually would all happen during times of increased stress, the sort of time when your immunity falls low and you can't fight off infections as well.

Thanks for the Neuropsychiatric Assessment of Lyme Disease lead. VERY helpful to know.

Komondor- A question, did you actually pass out, or did you just feel like you were going to? I have experienced both, but I did actually pass out at times and am still trying to figure out if fainting is possibly Lyme related.

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