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Could it be Lymes?
Feb 14, 2005
I'm new to this board. I need to know if anybody has some information about Lymes disease. About 3 months ago I developed a rash under my left nipple on the upper left ribcage. It started out as a small dry patch and started to get bigger with the outter edges being raised and bumpy. After two weeks it was about the size of a half dollar and the center was beginning to clear. It started to itch and another small rash was visible just below my armpit.
So I went to the doctor and they diagnosed it as Ringworm. They told me, because it was itchy and the skin was sort of breaking on the edges that it was a fungus... The cream they prescribed did work and the rash finally disappeared after 6 weeks...
The reason I'm concerned it may be Lymes is because lately I've been feeling weird. My hands and feet get cold for no reason and I get the chills often. Mostly after eating. Also, I get muscle and joint pain in my forearm, leg, hands, etc. Then the pain is gone the next day..
Can anyone tell me how to go about the proper testing for Lyme's so I'm not mis-diagnosed.
Thank you in advance,

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