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My first herx with Doxy was the worst herx I have had yet. I was only taking 300 mg because I still wasn't sure I had lyme - it was an experiment that I tried after a veterinarian diagnosed me and gave me some doxy...well on the sixth day I woke up and thought I was dying of a heart attack, my heart was beating out of my chest, I had sciatica which I had never had, such bad chest pain I thought I was going to pass out, sweating, insomnia, CNS was buzzing, Pain everywhere, anxiety so bad I cannot even tell you, paratheisis (i learned this word at the ER - felt like my right arm was not attached to my body and there was a rubber band around my bicep), I couldn't drive, I couldn't think, could barely talk, and when I rode in a car the world would swirl all around me. This was a herx. I went off the doxy that day - felt better a couple days later....most symptoms had dissappated so I tried to start back up 2 days later and it all started again. I actually at one point watched one of the joint on my finger swell with in minutes as I sat at dinner one night. I decided to stop the doxy after day 10 and await test results which came 2 1/2 months later...and while I was very sick I have yet to experience a herx like that again and I have been on much higher doses of abx since. I have taken Minocycline which is in the doxy family...I am curious though and hope they put me back on doxy for a month just to see what the herx will be like now. So herxes can be really Bad...they get better each time - but the first one is usually awful if you have been sick awhile.

I think the doxy is working for you personally. This is a herx in my opinion. Do not despair and don't think you will feel like you do forever it will pass. I suggest you try detoxing in some way. Maybe taking a hydrogen peroxide bath with Epson Salts...I think it is two small bottles of peroxide to a Cup of Epson Salts...Laurie correct me here if I am wrong...make sure the bath is hot if your heart can take it and sit in it for no more than 20 minutes...I think this is right...Also drink LOTS of water...

Hang in there! ;)

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