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Hi SageDreamer - Well that is great that an internist understands that testing is not always accurate. I sure wished he would consider using IgeneX with his patients though. I am glad you are at least on doxy but as Ticker always says 200 mg is not even going to touch it...must be between 300-600 mg depending on your body weight.

I would definitely proceed and try to find an LLMD. While your internist is years ahead of most in understanding lyme the fact that he doesn't understand the cardiac nature of lyme is a tip off that he doesn't have a full handle on it.

Glad he is testing for coinfections but I definitely would find an LLMD - I was tested for lyme and all coinfections at John's Hopkins and it all came back negative while I had very positive results through IgeneX for Babesia and Ehrlichia, and Lyme IgGs.

Take care and I am glad you have started a treatment regimine... ;)

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