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As for your cardiologist, if it were possible I would recommend finding a different one. The reason is I had a cardiologist who behaved the same way, and wrote me off with "you have absolutely nothing to worry about" after my tests came back normal. Never mind the fact that I still had unexplained arrythmia and fainting. Well about a week and a half ago I had to go to the emergency room with chest pain, so much for what he'd had to say! Now that I am learning about Lyme, and that it can do cardiac damage, I am going to insist on someone who will take the connection seriously![/QUOTE]

Wow, you sound just like me!

My cardiologist is considered to be the best in the area, and he swears up and down that there is nothing wrong with me. A week after the stress tests, echo, holter monitor, etc, I had to go to the hospital at 1:00AM in the morning with severe chest pains. My EKG was abnormal with skipped beats and flattened "T" waves, I also couldn't breath. Regardless of this "proof", he still says that I am fine.

So, I asked him why do I need to take Atenolol to keep my pulse down if everything is just fine? He had no answer, mentioned that the electrical impulses to the heart were fouled up by some unknown cause. Heavy metal poisoning was the initial diagnosis, but nothing was found in the blood. Thyroid panels are normal as well.

I never fainted, but have come darn close on several occassions. I have not been normal since Sept 8 of 2004. The reason, Lyme disease!

Did your heart symptoms ever subside? Mine have not. The best the doctors can offer is to keep the rate below 80 bpm in my case.

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