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Hi Mickie - Notice by the band 41 there is the IgG and IgM - these stand for the type of antibodies...IgM antibodies with most infections are the antibodies the body makes in response to a recent onslaught of infection...the IgG's are those that are indicative of a long standing infection or old the case of lyme it is hard to use these hard and fast rules...Some doctors have noted IgM antibodies being present in the blood of chronic Lyme patients who should only have IgGs present since initial infection occured years later and this is one piece of evidence that points to the fact that lyme can morph and change - when it changes the body then launches a slightly different kind of antibody to fight the slightly altered lyme bacteria...hope that makes sense - feeling like I am rambling...Basically when they conduct the Western Blot they test you for bands relating to IgMs then IgGs.

Boy, I have learned a lot in five months ;)

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