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I am so grateful that Ticker posted the Western Blot band interpretation. It motivated me to dig out my results (not performed by Igenex).

IGG band 58: "positive"
IGG band 41: "positive"
IgM band 41: "negative"
All other bands: "negative"

How could band 41 report as positive and negative at the same time? :confused:

So far my doc hasn't sent any of my blood to Igenex. I feel uncomfortable telling her what to do, but I will do it if need be. Why is this lab recommended so highly? Aren't all laboratories required to follow the same standards and procedures?


P.S. This post was edited to reflect that lab report did not use '+' and '-' symbols. Results were indicated by the words 'positive' and 'negative'
6blues: my lab also posts in "positive" and "negative"

In my fog, I see that one of my tests said "Lyme EIA (IGG/IGM) = Positive"

With another Lab, it was:
""negative - less than 0.8
- equivocal - 0.8-1.0 repeat in 6-8 weeks
- Positive - "1.0 or more - presumptive evidence of Lyme (Borrelia Burgdorferi)."
Mine was 6.5

Ahh, nothing makes sense any more, sorry I can't help you......yet.

[B]Ticker [/B] - before I go up the stairs (and during Herks, you know how those stairs do get multiplied ! LOL) to dig out my band info, can you review for me what the above means? I'm just spaced out having waited and still waiting for my neurologist to call about the results of my MRI - I finally went down and got a copy directly from the Radiology place myself...sighhh it's almost 2 months, and I DON'T have a normal/negative MRI. There's stuff going on according to the report...You would think she'd call, eh? or is it just my fog fantasy? :confused: Maybe I should have started a new thread for "frustrated-fed up etc."? :blob_fire sorry - that just occurred to me..

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