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Hi everybody,
I told you when my son left I would write and tell you about what happened to me last week. Before I start, we had a great visit, he got his spaghetti and meatballs (in fact I showed him how to make them) and I cooked another Christmas dinner since he missed it while he was in Baghdad. We also celebrated his birthday while he was here (it was in September). Needless to say we had a pretty good week. Coming home from the airport he told his dad that he regretted that he didn't know his younger sister as well as he should because they are 11 years apart. They spent so much time together that was remedied and will mean a lot to them in the future. So glad!
Now my story. I had to do a lot of cleaning before he came but guarantee you that I really took my time and didn't stress myself out. I felt great the first 4 or 5 days Brent was here and then my husband and I went to Kohls to do a little shopping and coming out of the store I got about halfway to the parking lot and thought I was going to fall down and didn't think I could take another step. This was real disconcerting because I don't go out much. I was very tired and went to bed soon after. My poor husband, I know he is getting very frustrated. He wants me to just take a pill and make this go away. Well so do I but it doesn't work that way. Anyway at that point in time I had been back on the Meds (Doxy 100mg 2x a day and I know this isn't enough but hope to remedy that soon) and didn't think I should be herxing yet although I had been on the Rocephin IV for 9 weeks. I figured that the 3 week break between the meds would make my 4 week cycle start all over again. I don't know? For the next couple of days I could barely walk from one room to the next but did what I could. I was always cold too.
I had some pain across shoulders and my arms were stiff up to my elbows when before it was just my hands. But all of this was tolerable, not normal but tolerable. After about three days of this I was putting dinner on the table and was carrying a casserole to the table and obviously didn't lift my foot high enough over a real thin rug that is under the table. I tripped and went flying, banged into the door jamb of my utility room, the casserole dish went flying, green beans everywhere, I hit my left jawline on the jamb and then whacked my adam's apple on the door jamb. No permanent damage but really hurt. My engagement ring got smashed between 2 fingers and believe it or not that hurt the worst. I now have a bruise on my jaw, a sore throat/neck but it's getting better, a bruise on each knee and a huge bruise between the two fingers. What a klutz. But this has been a real problem, I am not dragging my foot but not lifting it high enough and it catches, even on bare floor. I don't trust my legs and when I get tired I tend to lock my right knee and walk stiff legged. I really don't know why! I had no problems on the left side at all until they gave me all of those steroids. I don't know if that shut down my immune system and allowed the Lyme to roam all over or what.The worst part was I scared the heck out of my son and husband. Of course we didn't have green beans either! My question is this. Could all of this weakness be a herx so soon and does the Rocephin still play into it. Ticker thought I was herxing a couple times when I was on the Rocephin (at 4 & 8 weeks) but it was never as horrible as some of you describe. The last few days I seem to be gaining back a little strength so I'm thinking maybe it was a herx and mine just won't be as bad as everybody else's for whatever reason. Just lots of fatigue and some minor symptoms.I don't want to get excited about a herx if it isn't really happening. I know that nobody can say for sure but has anybody ever heard that some people just tolerate some of the symptoms better than others and how long should these episodes last (the fatigue - the equilibrium does get much worse too)? I know some of you just dread the herx because it totally debilitates you. If it is a herx will it take longer to get rid of the Lyme because I'm not as bad as the rest of you? Do some people not even herx but get rid of the Lyme? You would think after 4 years I would have Lyme pretty bad. Although the dosage I'm taking isn't sufficient I will say that my hair has stopped falling out and I'm sleeping better. These were two of the first symptoms that the Rocephin stopped. Also sometimes my legs really burn or are really cold, can't tell for sure which. What's this all about.
I know this is a lot to digest but would love any input. I also have a few questions from some threads I have read and will list them so they don't get lost in this novel.
1. It seems to me that everybody is herxing all the time, I thought it was supposed to be about every 4 weeks?
2. When you say flu like can it just be achy and chills or must it include nausea and diarrhea?
3. Just exactly how does Lyme leave your body?
4. Do you really get rid of Lyme or does your immune system just build up and take over when you stop the meds.
5. Is anybody working on a cure for this or are we stuck for the long haul?
6. Some people talk about ticks and finding them on themselves. I thought the deer tick was so small you couldn't even see it. Yes or no?
7. If I get the dosage raised can just Doxy take care of this? Some of you are on so much medicine it scares me. If the doctor won't do it, I have enough to raise it to 300mg for 2 months anyway but don't know if I can take 100mg at one time and 200mg at the other time. Hopefully the doctor will just raise the dosage. Is this safe to do it this way or must it be equal doses? I'm sure hoping ekim is cured and I'm going to live on garlic! I might just have to go and live with him and his wife!
I know this is a lot of questions but maybe it is something some other people want to know. Thanks for any input.

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