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Dear duPrey84,

I had the picc-line put in last november and about freaked out when they sent me to the hospital to have it done. It was a snap and I only had to go to the doctor's once a week for bloodwork and cleaning around the picc-line. I had myself so worked up I wasn't sure I could make the appointment.
Then when they took it out and the nurse in the doctor's office said she would do it I about came unglued. I swear to God I looked the other way and only saw peripherally that she had it out. Didn't feel a thing and it was also clean as a whistle which really surprised me. Somebody else in the doctor's office one day said they put a stitch in near the picc-line to hold it in place but my radiologist put a cover (bandage) so that wasn't necessary. Ask for that then it doesn't pull I guess.

I felt I was making progress on the Rocephin IV but my liver kicked up and they had to stop. Ask your doctor about milk thistle to keep this from happening to you. I am now on oral Doxy and seeing a little progress after 3 weeks. Hope it continues but know that I need to get the doctor to up my dosage (100mg 2x day). Went for lab work today so maybe next week when he gets results he'll agree if it comes back okay. I am pleased though that I am finally seeing some baby steps forward because I really slid back when I came off the Rocephin for the 3 weeks before they would start the orals.

Good luck and please don't worry about the picc-line or the IV.

Thanks for all of the good information. It is a great comfort to hear that the picc line insertion and removal is an easy process. I was pretty worried for a while. As far as the bacteria moving around though, it is a good sign. From what I hear it is that they are not happy in their current hiding spot and are searching for somewhere. I was on doxy for 8 weeks (100mg 2x a day). My right hip pain went away, but it started in the tendon then in my right leg. I stopped the doxy and it came back in the left hip from my tendon. I started doxy 200mg 2x a day and have diminished arthritis in my hip. I'm getting ready to start IV rocephin which is ceftrioxone (not sure how to spell it) this wednesday.
Dear DuPrey84,

Let me know if you share the same experience with the picc-line as I did. I'll keep you in my thoughts on Wednesday for an easy time. I hope you get as good a doctor in the hospital as I did. I wish my doctor was an llmd because I absolutely love his staff. Of course we all know that the staff knows more about the practice than the doctor sometimes.

I hope you are right about the little critters searching out new places because my stuff sure jumps around a lot. Even the weak legs can be somewhat strong some days. Hope that's a good sign. I'm sure you will see a bigger improvement with the Rocephin. I guess the orals just take longer.

I'll be thinking of you Wednesday.

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