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Greetings Scampergirl
I am the person that ncgirl88 was referring to in regard to MS and Lyme. Unfortuately, I was diagnosed with MS in 1996 and started interferon injections in 1999. My MRI of the brain and spine showed lesions and my symptoms progressed year after year. I saw Dr Singleton last August for alternative therapy ideas only. He tested me for Lyme even though I told him of my negative test in 1996.

I came up positive on the Western Blot IGM. After stopping the interferons and starting an agressive course of antibiotics last November, I began feeling better. The therapy of IV Rocephin, oral Zithromax, and Flagyl. I am now on Biaxin, Ceptin, and Flagyl.

There was hope even after years of denial because almost every doctor that examined me since 1995 said that I didn't fit the profile for MS. The MRI was the only thing that pointed to MS when I tested negative to Lyme. Since that point doctors were comfortable treating me for MS. When my symptoms for what they thought was MS first started (visual abnormalities), they performed a spinal tap on me that ultimately came back negative for MS. It should have been positive but they never tested me again.

The symptoms for Lyme can mimic MS along with MRI findings. Keep seeking an answer until you have exhausted your resorces - even if doesn't make scence.

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