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Jemsek Clinic recieved my blood work back and found I was Negative for all 20 things they tested for!

This includes Lyme Disease!!! First time in 16-months - have tested positive three times before?

Jemsek called, want me to do a hard pulse of antibiotics for 5-weeks total, see if I herx...?

I am also doing Zhang's treatment (There is something to it). If I don't take it or miss a dose, I miss the fillings it gives me, seeping of garlic through my gums and tounge, along with his circulatory treatment. If you ask me if it works? Don't know, but it dose cause a herx, so it must being doing good.

Good luck to all and keep fighting....
Ok - That is amazing!!!! How long were you doing Zhang's tX before being tested by J clinic? Were you tested for coinfections before? What were those results if you don't mind me asking... And, all the coinfections this time were negative too with IgeneX? Did you always use IgeneX or did you use other labs when positive?

So Zhang's treatment could really be beating it! Not to be a total negative downer - but I hope that Zhang's treatments are permeating every ounce of your tissue and your brain so you are not just scaring those ketes from your blood to the deeper tissues...but I think if this were the case you wouldn't be feeling as well as you are.

This is really exciting Ekim...I am so happy for you and so curious about this.

Take care and keep us posted.


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