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Hello, everyone:
I got good news twice today. Before I get to that, what is herxing? It sounds bad. If my 85 y/o Dad takes these drugs, would that be real bad? Maybe I should leave that for the LLMD. Just please tell me what herx, or herxing is. I have figured out it's some type of bad reaction(?) to some of the antibiotics.
Ok, on the good stuff! First, Dr. Crist's office called back this morning and I made an appointment for Dad mid-July. The receptionist said they see plenty of patients 85 & older. The appointment is so far out because my Dad won't go out of the house until all the ice is off the lakes, which is usually the first week or so in Minnesota. Also It might take the whole family until then to convince him to go. He doesn't think he will even make it till the "ice out". But then, he said he'd never make it to Christmas at my Daughters Wedding in August 1992. If his prostate cancer doesn't get him first, I think he'll beat George Burns. But it's progress. His receptionist said we only need one visit to Dr. Crists office, & then we can go on home & wait for test results. I know I'll have to fly him. He couldn't tolerate a car ride from Minneapolis to Springfield. That's another hurdle because Dad doesn't trust them planes.
On to my second piece of good news. At least it pumped me up a little bit. I went to my Dr. for a routine visit today. I told the receptionist that I was taking Dad to a specialist because all the Drs. have been sending him to Mental Health since 1990, but he can't even go there, because they kicked him out of Mental Health, too.
When I mentioned I thought he had Lymes, she got very interested & started asking me questions. Who was the Doctor, what city, how can she find him, where did I get the information, etc. It turns out her Daughter in law was going through the same thing. Her son just wanted her to take a pill & get all better, but a Neuroligist thought she might have MS, only a kinda wierd case. So, he referred her to the Mayo clinic, & I told her I heard the same story here a few times. The family had combed through the Readers Digest Medical book for "Experts" like some of us mught have done. (Me too!!), & thought it might be Lymes. I also came down to the only page that fit, Lymes disease.
So maybe we'll have another Newbie after she goes to Mayo. Maybe I accidentially did a "random act of kindness" for someone else I don't even Know! Later!
My Dad

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