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Age 45
Bitten in 1999 or 2000, top of head couldn't see if I had a rash but did have a sharp hard spot for weeks after.

Had strange sensation in head like a shock or ripple.
word finding difficulty, can think of what word begins with but not word
shin pain
strange itching in feet when lay down for bed, goes away when I get up comes back when I lay down
foot, hand and face itching
foot pain, wake up with feet that feel like I have been standing hours
face discolored, people keep telling me makeup needs blended but not wearing any, stops right at jaw line
severe fatigue in body
mind fatigue (brain fog?)
right eye vision suddlenly went weird stayed that way 4 months but improved just not gone completely (lost 5% perifial (sp) but came back)
night vision problems
blurry vision
eye muscle twitching
muscle twitching
stabbing pains, anywhere jaw, chin, collar bone, legs, arms ect
severe calf pain both legs, affects walking
low normal temp, run low grade fever a couple weeks a month with chills
arm and hand pain, just holding a milk jug can feel like 50 lbs
loss of balance
ear pain, had mastoiditis twice last year
cysts in sinuses, 2 1/2 centimeters right and 2 centimeters left
told I limp sometimes but not aware
sound sensitivity, bubbles in pop can sounds like rain pounding on a tin roof
night sweats (or any time I sleep)
arms and legs go numb whenever they want
weight gain (inablility to do anything most the time with out resting a lot)
heart palpitations (especially when startled while sleeping) pair, multi PVC's, skip beats
Halucinate (told not true hals because I will realize orange lion is a towel draped on tub ect)
neck pain (gland back of neck always swollen)
All symptoms come and go, thankfully never all at once or I wouldn't have survived until finally getting diagnosed last week. Thank God for this board or I would have agreed with docs that said tests normal so your normal go to a therapist. (After reading list can almost think I am nuts except many of you have same symptoms)
Also as a child I remember being bitten by ticks many times. Always seemed to be in my ears.

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